P ZERO RACE- 26 - 622

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  • The Pirelli P ZERO Road Bike tyres are the tyres to buy when you are looking for an all-round performance tyre.

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The Pirelli P ZERO Road Bike tyres are the tyres to buy when you are looking for an all-round performance tyre. They do not excel in a single feature, but score very well on several properties such as grip, durability, puncture resistance and rolling resistance.

The knowledge and technology has been accumulated with Pirelli's experience of being the only tyre sponsor in Formula 1, and many tests in the world tour where the test results of cyclistst have been shared. A constant desire for improvement is what Pirelli's engineers constantly strive for in order to achieve one of the best performing all-round racing tyres for road bikes.

The Pirelli P ZERO Race tyres are another step in the right direction, after three years of development involving the fastest and best riders at World Tour level, both male and female 2019 UCI World Champions. Pirelli designed this new tyre with the new SmartEVO compound and TechBELT technology to offer not only professionals a top tyre, but also all cycling enthusiasts!


SmartEVO compound
The new SmartEVO compound uses a blend of 3 different polymers, each of which offers specific performance qualities. It is a search for the optimum balance between opposing properties, such as grip and rolling resistance. With Pirelli tyres you can benefit from over 100 years' experience in car and cycle racing in developing tyres, to meet specific needs for different situations.

It enabled Pirelli to create a polymer blend with 'smart' performance characteristics for bicycle tyres as the basis of the excellent properties of the SmartEVO compound, resulting in better grip in both dry and wet conditions, while also providing lower rolling resistance. Pirelli has created a performance compound designed and tuned for all modern cycling disciplines, from local or World Tour races to epic adventures, where climate and road require tyres that perform in all conditions.

  • Folded tire

  • Coumpound: SmartEVO

  • TechBELT Road

  • Karkasse: 120 tpi

  • ERTO: 26-622

  • Size: 700x26c

  • Weight: 205g