About us

Extreme Sports Company LLC is a Kuwaiti retail and distribution company that specializes in Action & Endurance Sports. It was established in 2004 by ambitious local athletes with a vision of becoming one of the Middle East’s best retailers and distributors of some of the world’s best sports brands.

The idea of Extreme Sports Retail and Distribution evolved after thorough studies of action sports events worldwide. Not too long after that, the idea of endurance sports was born, bringing with it a new goal of encouraging fitness and the adoption of a healthier lifestyle in Kuwait through these sports.

In 2008, the partners decided to increase the capital to expand the business and now Extreme Sports has over 30 employees working in its Head Office & 4 Showrooms. Extreme Sports Co. LLC has grown significantly over the last few years and is continuously raising benchmark for more innovative ways to increase awareness and push everyone to engage in action sports as an urban lifestyle.

Samiya Store
Picture of Samiyah Store

In our commitment to endurance and action Sports, we develop the skills and potentials of our customers by engaging them in regular sports activities and events that will challenge them and bring their skills up to the next level. Our wide range of bicycles, footwear, action sports gear, water sports and endurance sports products encourage every individual to be more open to try out new things and unleash their power to express themselves, through sports. 

Tilal Store
Picture of Al-Tilal Store

Our philosophy is to provide our retail stores with globally known premium brands along with a dedicated and consistent marketing campaign targeting the action sports athletes and enthusiasts throughout the region. Further in our commitment to Action Sports , we develop the skills and potential of our customers by engaging them through regular sports activities and events that will challenge them to enhance their skills to the next level. We also sponsor the Top Action Sports Riders in Kuwait and send them to the local, regional and international competitions.

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