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  • Overview
  • Direct evolution of teams' favourite Fly bottle, the Nanofly 0-100 is a squeezy insulated sports bottle which allows for thermal insulation of your hot and cold liquids for up to 4 hours.

Product details

For hot and cold liquids, usable all year round

The Nanofly 0-100 is able to keep your liquids hot or cold for 4 hours with an insulating coating made in Nanogel®, which is the world’s lightest insulating material because it’s made out of 5% solid material and 95% air.

Its nanopores matrix provides a drastic reduction in temperature transmission and ensures high insulation levels: up to 4 hours - double what the traditional commercially available thermal bottles can do.


Record lightness

Nanofly 0-100 is the lightest commercially available insulated sports bottle thanks to studies made with different unifersities and research centers that allowed for helping us make such a featherweight, yet sporty and resistant material.

Also, for any -Fly bottle produced we’ve managed to reduce up to 30% of plastic material compared to other bottles in the range so we can lower the bottle’s weight and our environmental impact at the same time.



Soft bottle body, high liquid flow

So light and easy to squeeze, you will get more liquid quicker by simply pressing gently with your hand. Thanks to the soft structure which is thick on the top and bottom to guarantee stability, yet thin in the center.

The odourless push-pull nozzle work together to guarantee an easily copious liquid flow which is nice when you really need to stop and drink that water. 



Featuring protective cap

This bottle is equipped with a practical protective cap, designed to ensure maximum protection of the spout from dust and mud when you're using it on your mountain bike and gravel bike.