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  • Overview
  • Justo is the new top-level trainer of the Elite pack of interactive trainers.
    Pinpoint accuracy, inclines up to a 24% slope, integrated power meter, auto-calibration, redefined stand-alone modes.

Product details

Justo is the home trainer to challenge yourself and get more from your bike workouts.

Justo is the most advanced tool in our home trainer catalog: you get to ride your bike and train right at home, with high realism and thrill, while challenging your cycling skills with targeted programs and the myriad of virtual races available on the indoor cycling apps.


Integrated power meter: maximum precision

Justo measures the actual power delivered with an integrated power meter, the OTS (Optical Torque Sensor).

Thanks to its internal power meter, the trainer can immediately measure the power you exert on the pedals with an extraordinary accuracy of ± 1%.

In addition to added accuracy, Justo features new ERG Mode data smoothing options, including the "Easy Start" feature to make it easier to start and resume an interval after you stopped pedaling. 
When the flywheel stops rotating, this feature will automatically remove the resistance until you start pedaling, giving you a few seconds to move your legs before re-applying the resistance that you set for your intervals.


Brutal climbs up to 24% incline

Justo can automatically manage the resistance while you are training, simulating up to an incredible 24% maximum incline. Hone your climbing skills with a home trainer that can give you a realistic feel, fun and immersivity, even during the most intense and demanding climbs.

The trainer is also compatible with the Rizer, Elite's incline simulator with steering that can move your bike uphill up to +20% and downhill up to -10%, allowing you to pedal indoors as if you were really on Mont Ventoux.

The upgraded built-in power meter will also make it easier for you to access the super-tuck position during your Zwift races.


Enhance your pedaling feel with the Elite Flex Feet

Justo also includes the new Flex Feet, which aim to make your pedaling sensation even more realistic based on the rigidity of the model you pick.

The interchangeable feet will allow you to replicate the natural pressure and oscillations of the bike, adapting your pedaling on the home trainer to your outdoor pedaling style.

By adhering to the natural biomechanics of the muscles during the athletic movement, you can reduce muscle fatigue and significantly improve the effectiveness of your home workouts.



Justo can self-calibrate, automatically calibrating itself at the most appropriate time without requiring the athlete's manual intervention.

This new function makes your workouts on this home trainer precise and immediate from the first use.